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Fascinated & Addicted to Chinchillas "THAT'S US"

We are chinchilla hobbyists with a small selective top quality herd. 

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Flower Town Chinchillas in Brampton, Ontario, Canada provides Canadians with an online store, which will provide your pet chinchilla's and other small animals with all their essential needs plus an option for you to spoil your pet rotten.

All prices are listed and invoiced in Canadian Dollars.

Flower Town Chinchillas of Brampton, Ontario, Canada opened this chinchilla specialty store to provide Canada’s Chinchilla owners with top quality products at competitive pricing with everything they need located in one place. Our inventory has expanded to enable us to provide the same quality service to owners  of Rabbits, Guinea & Skinny Pigs, Degu, and Pet Rats from well known suppliers of small animal merchandise like Super Pet, Oxbow Hay, Mazuri, Marshall Pet, Peter's Rabbit, EMT, Orchard Sweets apple, Midwest, Kaytee, Sun Seed, Brown’s, Jungle Talk, AG Select and many more. Many of our products are also used by Ferrets, other small animals and Birds. We are always on the lookout for products that will improve the quality of life for our small furry friends.

Super Pet Products for Small Animals  Peter's Rabbit Supplies  Oxbow Hays,Feeds, Treats & Supplements  Healthy Treats from Orchard Sweets Premium Dried Apple Products  Jungle Talk Small Animal Chew Toys

We are Canada’s Authorized Distributor for the Flying Saucer Wheel; designed and manufactured by Meadowbrook Chinchillas which we feel is the best small animal exercise wheel made and is the only exercise wheel we use at Flower Town Chinchillas in Ontario, Canada.

Edstrom Water Buddy Bottles & Guards   AG Select Water Bottles           Flying Saucer Excercise Wheel

Impressed by the "No Leak"  Edstrom Water Buddy Bottle we requested to be an AG Select Edstrom Water Buddy Dealer for Canada.

We have designed a Stainless Steel Guard to shield both the 8 ounce and 16 ounce Edstrom Water Buddy Bottles. These Flower Town Chinchilla Guards for the Edstrom Water Buddy Bottles are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario exclusively for Flower Town Chinchillas of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Flower Town Chinchillas has some excellent wire cages with metal slide out trays that are made in Ontario, Canada. We have some cage designs for chinchillas and other small animals such as degus, pet rats and ferrets that are exclusive to Flower Town Chinchillas, Ontario, Canada.. We also carry Marshall Pet Mansion cages, Midwest Ferret Nation and Super Pet Deluxe cages for chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits, guinea & skinny pigs, degu, and other small animals. We can also supply cages by Avian Adventures .when requested.

Marshall Pet Ferret Cages & Supplies   Midwest Ferret & Small Animal Cages & Play Pens  Avian Adventures Bird Cages

We're located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada which is adjacent to the northwest side of Toronto and the northern side of Mississauga.

We spoil our pet chinchillas tremendously and in return we are greatly rewarded with love and affection.  We are one big happy family with lots of kids to love..

 Baby Chinchilla Playing Tribble on Star Trek Enterprise   Chinchilla Kit Playing Dungeons & Dragons   Baby Chinchilla with Grimalkin

Our chinchillas have been carefully selected for personality, colour and fur quality.

We are pairing chinchillas according to personality and colour to achieve friendly little pets in the following colours: Black Velvets, Brown Velvets, Ebony's, Mosaics. Pink Whites, Beiges, Tans, Violets and of course we will have some grey standards as well.

Friendly chinchilla "Pets" are what we at Flower Town Chinchillas of Brampton, Ontario, Canada are striving for.  New borne kits are handled and played with daily while Mom runs about in her playpen and exercises while we baby-sit.

Chinchillas Relaxing in Cube Hammock & Running on Flying Saucer Wheel in Custom Chinchilla Cage

Our adult chinchillas have their own 5 level condo wire cage which Flower Town Chinchillas designed to accommodate our pet chinchillas every need.  Our condo cages house food dishes on the top floor away from contamination, a wooden sleeping house with a  Super Pet Grassy Mat , or a wooden floor made from 1" x 8" pine boards  as chinchillas like to sleep in high places off of the wire mesh shelving. Ka-bob hangers filled with lots of Chew Items and a Sun Seed pumice stone Blox to help ensure healthy even teeth hang down from the roof of the cage.  On the next level the Super Pet Comf-E-Cube Hammock hangs for an alternate sleeping haven. Wooden  Sleep-N-Ledges  are placed in front of the doorway and at front side of cages to give our chinchillas solid floor rest or sleep areas. The Edstrom Water Buddy Bottle with the Flower Town Chinchillas designed Water Bottle Guard is placed on the front of cage at the first level shelf so the bottle is accessible for easy viewing and daily refills.  The Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel hangs on the back of the cage off the Aspen covered floor.  Our chinchillas love their cages and when we put new arrivals in one of Flower Town Chinchillas designed cages they think they are in heaven. All of these products and more are available from our One-Stop-Shop Chinchilla Store at www.chinchilla.ca 

By the way, our cats adore these little guys and our chinchillas look forward to the attention.  Spinner was our first chinchilla and when the cats walked by his cage he would chatter away for them to stop so he could have some close up face time with them. Almost four years later the cats still pay special attention to spinner and then visit the others.




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