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Updated September 2007


We constantly have chinchillas and new kits available for adoption which are not shown on this page.

Please inquire by email if you do not see the colour and sex you would like.


The pictures below are some of the chinchillas we presently have available for adoption:


1 Homogenous Beige Female Pet Quality - (Blondie)

2 Standard Female - (Suzy & Lucy) - Rescues


1 Dark Tan Male born  May 21, 2007 - (Beanie) ON HOLD

1 Extra Dark Ebony Male born  May 21, 2007 - (Cecil)

Parents Lilo (Dame) & Midnight (Sire)


1 Medium/Dark Tan Female born July 4, 2007 - (Peeka)

1 Medium/Dark Tan Male born July 4, 2007 - (Boo)

Parents Storm (Dame) & Whiskers (Sire)


1 Medium Tan Male born July 18. 2007 - (Doodles)

1 Dark Tan Female born July 18. 2007 - (Dumplin)

1 Extra Dark Ebony Female born July 18. 2007 - (Frogger)

Parents Gypsy (Dame) & Russ (Sire)


1 Standard Violet Carrier Female born August 19, 2007 - (Gidget)

1 Standard Violet Carrier Male born August 19, 2007 - (Gizmo)

Parents Rose (Dame) & Shadow (Sire)


1 Violet Female - (Olivia) ON HOLD

1 White Ebony Violet Female - (Opal) ON HOLD

1 Extra Dark Ebony Male - (Jellybean) ADOPTED  

2 Ebony Male Brothers - (Theodore, Simon) ADOPTED     

1 Black Velvet Male - (Skip) ADOPTED  

1 Extra Dark Ebony Male born February 6, 2007 - (Chucky) ADOPTED  

1 White Ebony Male - (Mr. Mouse) ADOPTED  




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Blondie - Homogenous Beige Female   

Sweet adorable homo-beige female who loves to visit us while we are watching TV and falls asleep in our arms.

A very calm and gentle soul which makes for an excellent pet.

She would like to be purchased with her flying saucer exercise wheel and cube hammock.

Blondie is looking for that special someone to spoil her and give her a loving home.



click on thumbnail pictures to view larger images

IF INTERESTED IN ANY CHINCHILLA  ---  please call or email.

Jellybean - Dark Ebony Male  - ADOPTED  

Bouncy loving extra dark ebony male, who loves to run and run and run on his flying saucer wheel.

He doesn’t like his cube hammock taken away to get washed as he is like Linus with his blanket when it comes to his cube




click on thumbnail pictures to view Jellybean's photo page


Three Ebonies Boys - Simon, Theodore & Alvin

Alvin - ADOPTED  

Simon & Theodore  - ADOPTED TOGETHER

Medium to Dark Ebony males who are very friendly jumping beans full of energy.  We helped out from birth by hand feeding them formula as mom did not provide enough milk for them all.  Having this interaction with us has made them into devoted pets.  After visiting with us we let them play in the play pen.  When we go over to see how they are doing they jump up on a house and stand on their hind legs and extend their little arms to be picked up just like a little child.  We pick them up and give them hugs and put them back down to play and they are quite happy.  This is repeated every time we go over to the play pen to check on them.  Their mother Storm won a second place ribbon and their father Midnight won the Ebony Colour Section Champion Rosette and Ribbons.



click on thumbnail pictures to view Storm & Midnights kits photo page

IF INTERESTED IN ANY CHINCHILLA  ---  please call or email.               

Soccer Field Kids

- 2 Female Standard Chinchillas - LUCY & SUZY

- 1 Male ADOPTED  

- Estimated birth date Mid September 2006

Abandoned in a cardboard box in a soccer field in Markham at the end of November 2006 to fend for themselves were these three precious chin siblings, 1 male and 2 females. Good Samaritans found them and called us for help and of course we took them in.


The 2 females are in need of a loving home and we would like them to be adopted together as they are quite bonded to each other and it would not be fair to separate them after having been together this long. Lucy & Suzy have grown into beautiful looking girls with great fur quality and pure white tummies.


The one girl we call Suzy likes to be petted and picked up but only on her terms. When she is sitting out with us she is quite friendly and inquisitive.


Lucy, her sister is a real sweetheart, Lucy has a very gentle personality and can be very affectionate when being held.


These two girls are litter trained and only urinate in their litter pan and nowhere else. They would like to be adopted together to a loving home where they will get lots of love and attention.


They come with a Burgundy Super Pet 24" Welcome Home Multi-Level cage along with a Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel, 16 oz. Edstrom Water Buddy bottle and Guard Chinchilla Bath House, Litter Tray, Sleep-N-Ledges, Rollin the Hay Ball, Ceramic Food dish, Kabob holder with a variety of kabob chews and a large wooden house.



click on thumbnail pictures to see larger photo's


Skip - Black Velvet Male - ADOPTED with Chucky

Handsome, friendly pug nosed little guy who, is a very dark Black Velvet and enjoys running and playing with his cage buddy Spot.

Spot - Mosaic Male - ADOPTED  

Happy go lucky Mosaic with a spot on his back hence his name.  He loves to cuddle with Skip his cage buddy.


Both Spot and Skip also enjoy spending cuddle time with us as well.



    click on thumbnail pictures to see larger photo's


Three Violet Kits, 2 Male & 1 Female - Oliver, Otis, & Olivia

Oliver & Otis - ADOPTED  

Olivia - ON HOLD

Two male and one female kit with a beautiful blue/purple shade of grey fur and pure white tummies.  They are three soft cuddly balls of fluff who just love human companionship.  Their mother Willow won a second place ribbon and their father Shadow won the Colour Section Champion Rosette and Ribbons.



click on thumbnail pictures to view larger images of these kits


An assortment of other chinchillas currently available at Flower Town Chinchillas.

Chucky - an Extra Dark Ebony Male ADOPTED with Skip  

Standard Males - 2 brothers BOTH ADOPTED  SEPARATELY

Muffy & Tuffy - Light Tan Females (sisters) ADOPTED  TOGETHER

Opal - White Violet, Ebony Carrier Female - ON HOLD

Mr. Mouse - White Ebony Male - ADOPTED


click on thumbnail pictures to view larger images of these kits


IF INTERESTED IN ANY CHINCHILLA  ---  please call or email.

Not only do we get to play and cuddle with all these kits on a  one-on-one basis; they all get to play with similarly aged chinchillas together safely in one of our play pens.


Chinchillas Sold 2006

In addition to our own chinchilla kits, we work with a couple of other local breeders who do not advertise on the web. We are able to hand select chinchillas with the proper temperament and personality that would make for a good pet. 

With this resource and our own offspring, we regularly have new chinchillas available available for sale at all times. To see larger images of some of the friendly chins we have hand picked this year, which have all gone to new loving homes.


click on above thumbnail pictures to view larger images of 2006 adoptions

Buttons, a Mosaic Boy born on November 25, 2005 to Sasha & Spinner is being spoiled by his new family in Caledon who adopted him in February 2006.


To see Button's photo page click on any of his thumbnails above.

Star & Twinkle, a pair of girls born June 27, 2006 were Sasha & Spinners 3rd litter.

Twinkle is a standard and Star when born looked like a standard with the exception of a white tipped tail,  some white around her rear legs and a very faint white star on her forehead. As her pictures will show she morphed into a beautiful silver mosaic chinchilla.


To see Star & Twinkle's photo page click on any of the thumbnails above.

We generally have standards, mosaics, beiges, light and medium ebony’s and black velvets available . Many other colour variations are also available. If you have a specific colour or gender you are looking for, please ask. We often have chinchillas available that are not listed on this page.

All families who have adopted our chins are extremely happy with their new friendly pets.

Please contact us if you are interested

Some of Our Chinchilla Couples

Future expecting females currently living with a mate are Sasha, Storm, Nala, Kiara, Tara, Willow and Tinka. The following are some pictures of our happy couples enjoying each others company.


Sasha ( A beautiful silver mosaic girl) and Spinner (Standard Grey male) were our first breeding couple and have produced some beautiful kits together.

Nala (Colour Section Champ of 2004 M.C.B.A. Fall Show in Ohio) & Simba (Reserve Grand Champion of 2005 Spring  N.C.B.C. Central Ontario Show   


Kiara (1st place ribbon at 2004 M.C.B.A. Fall Show in Ohio) & Midnight (Reserve Colour Section Champion of 2005 Spring  N.C.B.C. Central Ontario Show) 

Storm (2nd Place Ribbon at 2005 Spring  N.C.B.C. Central Ontario Show) & Sparky (1B Place Ribbon at 2005 Spring  N.C.B.C. Central Ontario Show) 

We will post further news and pictures when available.

Check out Sasha and Spinners 1st offspring's picture stories

     Little Excursion at 4 days Old 

     FIRST Family Outing.

These little ones are now in their new homes with their loving new owners, 

Email us at paws@chinchilla.ca.


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