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We named ourselves Flower Town Chinchillas as Brampton, Ontario, Canada has historically been known as the Flower town of Canada. Brampton had a reputation as a flower-growing centre due to hundreds of acres of land being filled with greenhouses growing prize orchids, famous roses and many other quality flowers. 

(Above information taken from the City of Brampton, Ontario website)


Our breeding herd consists of reserve grand champion, colour champions, reserve colour champions, etc. and all our fury family have the best of dispositions and are exceptionally wonderful and loving.

We at Flower Town Chinchillas made wooden pine ladder/ramps, which our chinchillas use, to leave and enter their cages safely to play in a chinchilla proof room, which they all love to do.  We also place a large tray lined with bedding on the floor where we place the chinchilla’s own personal bathhouse.  We find this catches scattered bath sand, which allows their cages to be free of excess dust.

All our chinchillas know when it is playtime and come running and dance at the cage door to get their chests rubbed and compete for attention to see who gets to come out first to play. Our chinchilla’s also love to be out in pairs to play (but only if compatible with each other).


During our chinchillas calmer moments, we bring them into our family room where they will actually watch TV, scamper and play on us or at times just curl up and go to sleep in our arms.    The affection given to us by our pet chinchillas is priceless and most rewarding.

Flower Town Chinchillas of Brampton, Ontario, Canada are members of the following chinchilla organizations.


National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada

Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association

The Chinchilla Club




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